used drill press
EDM drill tubes
ferrule crimper
hammock inflatable mattress
EDM drill chuck
carbide turning toolset
another carbide turning toolset
Parting tool carbide inserts
misc key slot stock
MT3B ER32 collet holder
drill EDM spindle
drill EDM spindle seals for chuck interface
solid state relays for 220v
tapered bearings
angular contact bearings
usb to parallel port dongle
carbon electric motor brushes for salt water battery experiment
thrust bearings
Camo rain poncho
rain fly for hammock camping
mikuni carb jets for an experimenting with converting propane camp stoves/camp lanterns to white gas/gasoline
more paracord
propane camp stove with pizeo lighter to havest pizeo
2 part epoxy
10 pack grazy glue
white gas/gasolene camp stove, to experiment converting to white gas/gasolene bas for a campstove/lantern
pump for white gas stove
hose for white gas camp stove
another pump for white gas camp stove
gas lantern mantles
vernier calipers
bench top power supply guts
hardness guage
power supply 70A at 5V
plastic vernier calipers
digital hardness gague
adjustable third hand/air/water spout
linear bearings for 8mm rod
ped warmer heat pad
drag chain
metal cable ties
T-nuts for dekstop milling machine
metal lathe