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Though the day may begin with dawn, light is strangely dim today.
As a sour chilling wind blows and whistles under the eaves, leaves fall like flaking skin from desperate trees. Branches flex and claw at the final moments of life as bark darkens and twigs wither. Ravens can be heard, croaking with enthusiasm, while owls waken early to the quickly dimming afternoon light. Dogs warn the neighborhood with irregular barks as cats stalk about on nervous paws.
Nature itself seems aware of this day, this coming night.
Soon, weeds will whisper secrets in the twilight. Church bells will toll the vespers hour. Graveyard gates will be locked tight. Pumpkins will grin with unspoken knowledge. Ancient houses will remember past tragedies with screams and moans. Old roads will play host to strange lights. Mysterious sounds will echo from leafless thick woods and meadows yellow with death.
Horror will rule this night.
May you hear strange fumblings at your windows. May you find the dark at the top of stairs foreboding. May you lose trust in your locks and deadbolts. May your lights flicker. May your heartbeat be audible. May your nightmares take dreadful form and may your visions be unforgettable.
Have a most horrifying Halloween. scott barrett....









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